LBN777 and M45 in Taurus

The Happy Lil' Ghost Nebula (LBN777) to the Pleides (M45)

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After over a year attempting to shoot this region I’ve finally completed a revision of the dark molecular clouds that cover the taurus region near the Pleiades. This is but one panel of a larger 8-panel mosaic that I’ve planned and hope to complete before summer gets here. But this region in particular is one that I am a huge fan of. it is home to the very popular and bright star cluster M45 the Pleiades that sits behind the molecular cloud, but it’s radience shines through the dust. Through the dust structures one can find LBN777, a “ghost like” molecular cloud that to my eyes looks like it’s about to eat that bright yellow nearby star is more commonly known as the Vulture Nebula or Baby Eagle Nebula.

C/2019 Y4 Atlas near NGC2403

NGC2403 and C2019 Y4 Atlas Widefield in Camelopardalis.

Work in Progress

The project is a composite mosaic of the comet C/2019 Y4 Atlas as it passes through the Widefield region of Camelopardalis between the dates of 2020-04-02 and 2020-04-15. The background image was taken across 3 nights in December 2019 before the comet arrived into the field of view and consists of 6 hours of integration time. Then the same FOV was shot again on 2019-04-01 and 2020-04-09 (to process) with the Comet in frame. The comet image was stacked independently, and the two data sets were combined. The data was captured using a Rokinon 135mm f2.0 lens at f2.0, and an asi071mc camera cooled to -10C.

Additional data is being acquired for each night between 2019-04-03 and 2020-04-15 using my 1000mm f4.9 newt as I’ve been able to shoot through some partially cloudy nights with some success so far. That data has yet to be processed, but hope to add them to this image as time permits me to process.

The comet is moving from the mid-upper left corner of this field of view, and will be passing through the view of the dusty nebula (HSVMT 25) 2020-04-11 through 2020-04-13. I encourage anyone with dark skies and a fast scope to give it a shot before the moon comes up this weekend. It should make for a very interesting composition!

C2019 Y4 Atlas Early April

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NGC281 - Pacman Nebula

The Pacman Nebula is a bright emission nebula in the constellation Cassiopeia. This image was taken in narrowband SHO using the hubble pallet and consists of over 16 hours of exposure time.

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